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Loyalty Management

Launch engaging loyalty program management to evergreen relationship between brands and customers.

Membership & Tier

Flexible membership system allows you to manage customer data with the ability of collecting data from numerous channels and supports managing tiers and multi-brands complexity.


Make it easier for businesses to manage consent to collecting data or conducting any transaction for greater transparency with their customers.

Point System

Add value to your loyalty points and increase customer toughness with a point system that you can setup and monitor usage


Build campaign specialized for the selected customer, served them with splendid privileges and rewards.


If marketers want to know more about customer insight, surveys can be the perfect way to get the data you need to really take advantage of your CRM.

Reward & Offer

Keep your customers' loyalty with rewards and offers which are fresh and diverse. Make it easy for marketers to set up quota and monitor usage in their program.

Mission Campaign

One of the tools that persuades customers to interact with brands helps to drive Desirable Behavior by creating a specific mission for each segment, giving each segment a more personalized customer experience.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

As a first-party data by collecting data from all channels; both offline and online, and omnichannel, to create a single view of the customer data.

Automated Coupon

Send reward coupons to customers with automated coupons for important occasions to strengthen the relationship between brands and customers, encourage them to repurchases, and recognize the brands.

Basic Campaign

Easy to deliver an exclusive customer experience by launching campaign management which covers control and design of customer segmentation.

Partnership solution

Build ecosystem of customer engagement with convenient tools which are ease for both shopman and customers.

Merchant Tools

Businesses that sell products through distributors can use the "Merchant Tool" for customer engagement through the distributor, such as giving points or redeeming coupons, giving premium products, and allowing marketers to collect customer information. 

Cashier Portal

Give points to customers easily with the Cashier Portal, a tool that allows cashier employees to query customers and provide points based on conversion rates set in their loyalty program.

customer touchpoint

Connect customer's touchpoint suiting for all type of business.

App/ Line/ Web

PRIMO can connect to many touchpoints to engage with customers in many ways to suit the behavior of the customer and be suitable for each type of business.

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