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Businesses that sell products through distributors can use the "Merchant Tool" for customer engagement through the distributor, such as giving points or redeeming coupons, giving premium products, and allowing marketers to collect customer information. 

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Better performance of marketing campaigns

Having a loyalty program is helpful for businesses that sell through distributors because customers can interact with the brand through the distributor, which helps the marketing campaign be more effective. For example, enabling the customer to exchange promotional products from nearby stores will make the user want to join the promotion even more.

Distributor drive sale

Partnership tool will help distributors to drive more sales for your brand by allowing users to participate in campaigns.

Strenght relation with distributor

The merchant tool is not just a loyalty program tool for customers, but it also expands the ecosystem to distributors because the campaign can increase customer engagement with the distributor and encourage them to make purchases at that distributor.



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