In retail industry, there is high competition to making customer satisfaction. Marketers must seek for an advanced tool to keeping customer stay loyalty. As a result, Omnichannel loyalty program has been played an important role to build customer engagement and incentive privilege.


Frequently challenges found in the retail industry.

Multi-brands which its data seperated

In case of a company has subsidiaries but unable to manage data separately

The difficulty of collecting user transactions

In case of there's no POS Integration, shops are unable to record customer purchases.

Gap between in-store and online transactions

Whether online and offline shops, customers need to make sure their transaction synced.


To meet a successful retail world, the marketers must have 3 necessaries of enterprise loyalty tool.

1. Omnichannel: Connect all channels with immigrant and emigrant data

Assemble customer’s data from online and offline channels to one; the brands can see a whole picture of purchasing and sale and assist customer entire aspects. Omnichannel Loyalty Program should have customer data program setting member condition as multi-tier and multi-brand which leads to customer insight.

2. Loyalty Architect: Complex and various

A good Loyalty Program must be complex and various. Customer can earn points in a brand and multi-brand which marketer can use Tier Program by setting its condition for target customer. Marketer would know customer behavior and spending which lead to building campaigns or more privilege.

3. Rewards: Personalized and various

Mixed of Rewards strategy creates satisfied experience since starter to brand loyalty; Fixed benefit – Welcome Coupon, Tier Privilege, Behavioral Trigger benefit – Target Spending Mission, Friend Referral Mission, Survey Mission, and Surprised and Exclusive Benefit – birthday, Special Event Point Boosted Campaign.


Build new customer base and maintain old ones

Create long term relationship between brands and customers

Build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

Boost sales and increase effiency

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Make an impact with seamless customer engagement

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