The finance industry is an industry of firms and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. This industry comprises a broad range of industries, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms.


Frequently challenges found in the finance industry.

Restrictions on data usage

Due to customer data is confidential, businesses must handle campaigning and reporting on their own.

Low engagement

The finance industry has been restricted from legal and technological to create a variety of mission campaigns.

Many efforts are made to make the campaign more personal.

Because there are numerous customer groups, developing and launching a personalized campaign necessitates considerable effort.


To solve problems and create a variety of campaigns, marketers must have 3 necessaries of enterprise loyalty tool.

1. Customer referent ID: Use customer referent to sed privilege

Creating customer referents for communication between firms and CRM systems allows the system to deliver campaigns and privileges. Including exporting reports for marketers to analyze further without accessing or knowing customer information, both personal information such as name, gender, age, and balance.

2. Campaign management: Easily to create personalize campaigns

Implementing a software system for campaign creation, can greatly reduce the effort because the system can be set up to send different campaigns to different segments with a single system, along with being able to set quotas and duration automatically without the need to monitor manually.

3. Mission campaign: Complex and various

Nowadays, the mission campaign can be created in many ways by tracking customer activities such as friend-get-friend, filling out personal information, logging in, and answering questionnaires, which is not against the legal restrictions on the marketing of the financial industry, and these missions also result in customers having more engagements.


Build new customer base and maintain old ones

Create long term relationship between brands and customers

Build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

Boost sales and increase effiency

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