Tokio Marine Project

Tokio Marine is the first group insurance company in Japan runningbusiness for 45 countries including Thailand, providing general insurance andlife insurance for Thai people.


In this case study, Tokio Marine has already developed their app named TMLTH Touch Point, which their customers can do self-payment. However, they’ve found that they want more customer engagement from this channel.


PRIMO system is dominant to managing points in their membership program. Their customer payment and accumulating purchase are collected as TML points which we help to set its conversion rate that every 10 baht earns 1point.

Moreover, PRIMO system builds campaigns to encourage customers to use the app more, for example logging in 7 days in a row gets extra points, or to push customers doing exercise such as walking to 20,000 steps within 7 days gets special points, etc. We can set any campaigns to meet the customer’s needs which we connect API to display customer data collection.


However, Tokio Marine does not have their own privilege points. Therefore, in PRIMO system, they can transfer their points to partners as Rabbit points, which is regarded as a beyond privilege.  


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