PP Group Project

PP Group is a luxury importer who has 9 brands-chain. Consequently, their challenge is how to manage Loyalty Program in a brand and multi-brands.


PRIMO system helps brand customer can collect points from their purchasing in both brand level and group level (multi-brands). Even if they order items through online and offline brand channels, they can collect points easily and seamlessly which can exchange as discount coupon applying to all brands-chain or engaging PP Group’s event and activity.


In this case, PRIMO has a strategy to build Loyalty Program with Muti-Tier feature in each brand including to multi-tier structure: promoting member’s tier in real time to higher rank. This feature can save marketer’s time to manual managing customer data which can cause an error.  


In addition, applying this Omnichannel Loyalty Program creates the better insight understanding. Whenever the customer spends in any brands, their activity is recorded and collected to the system. The marketer can understand customer behavior which will be designed as a campaign or privilege to communicating to their target customer. They can specialize in communication regarding to promotion by segmentation feature, which helps their customer to be happier and more satisfied.


If your business is multi-brands or many branches like this above case. The marketer can execute your Loyalty Program to be more efficient with PRIMO system.


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