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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is considered by fast yet frequent purchases. Normally, the FMCG goods is a part of everyone's daily life which causes high competition. To be a dominant player, the brands need to keep their products be the first place of customer's mind.


Retail industry is a place which brands sell products and services directly to end-users. Challenges go to identify in-store and online customers. The brands must keep customer engaged with personalized privileges and campaign.


Banking and insurance services are financial industry which requires the number of customer engagement. The brands must find way to connect the customers with trust and credibility. As a result, loyalty program is applied to this industry.


Partnership management is another industry which highlights customer loyalty. As the customers spend more time to engage partnership services, the brands must manage shopping environment to meet the customer satisfaction.


Loyalty Program can be applied to other industries whether they are MICE, real estate, health and many more.

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