NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink Project

NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink is a popular refreshment and convenient drink in Thailand.

The product can be found in groceries, department stores, vending machines including to online sale channels. The product has various flavors of coffee which customers can select and drink any time. To realize customer behavior, PRIMO system is designed to run this smoothly.


When the customers drink the product, they can find code number locating under its cap, then fill in PRIMO system which is LINE OA to collecting points. We determine each SKU as a different product type of point, for example drinking a coffee can earns 1 point while drinking a coffee bottle receives 3 points. This case, we determine rule basepoint according to selected SKU. Once the customers earn the points, they can exchange to privilege provided by NESCAFÉ such as horoscope, and restaurant discount.

Another ability that PRIMO system helps is doing multi-currency in the use case. That is to boost new launched product sales: NESCAFÉ Robusta Black Roast. This SKU can be received special points which can do a lucky draw. We set that the mechanic form of each point has a different redemption.


In addition, Module Mission is another marketing tool to creating a better customer engagement. The mission is created to segment users, for example if we want to encourage the customers to drink 12 coffee cans for a week, we segment that if they can achieve this mission, receive 5 points, or there are other special missions: inviting friends to sign up or answer a survey, receive it too.


All in all, PRIMO ability has started from data collection to creating personalized campaign in segmentation likewise creating personalized rewards. This project has enhanced all PRIMO stack.


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